Our Mission

Refugee Pathways envisions a world in which all refugees can relocate safely and find protection in a humane and dignified way.

Too many refugees and internally displaced people face exploitation when seeking protection in another country. Refugee Pathways’ mission is to serve the humanitarian needs of displaced people, with a focus on Syria, by providing reliable information on resettlement pathways as they seek legal protection and safety through relocation.

Refugee Pathways empowers refugees in their decision-making process and search for legal and safe passage. It is our mission to do this through an online platform providing free access to comprehensive information concerning legal and safe complementary relocation programs, such as humanitarian visas, family reunification, academic scholarship and private sponsorship to ensure that every displaced person can reach safety in a dignified manner. We aim to encourage and empower displaced people to make well-informed decisions about their resettlement, without having to turn to traffickers in their desperation. Based on the success of our Syrian project, we will expand our services beyond the Middle East, with the goal of aiding refugees and displaced people worldwide.


We are focusing on providing information on the following four categories of complementary protection pathways:

Academic Scholarship
Family Reunification
Humanitarian Visa
Private Sponsorship

Our website and online platform offers refugees and displaced people a regularly updated list of country-specific programs that fit within these categories, as well as guidance on how to access them as a means to realize safe relocation and protection.

Removing exploitation through knowledge

While we will not be able to eliminate the work of smugglers and traffickers altogether, Refugee Pathways seeks to diminish refugee susceptibility to their lure by supporting and empowering refugees through the provision of information that will keep them well-informed about their legal options and rights. In this regard, we seek to help refugees avoid relocation attempts that violate existing legal procedures and put the lives of refugees in danger.


Our goals are threefold:

  1. Substantially decrease the amount of time refugees and internally displaced people are in an unsafe territory and separated from their families;
  2. Raise awareness among displaced people about safe passages and their legal rights; and
  3. Encourage and empower refugees and internally displaced people to make well-informed decisions on how to reach safety and protection through complementary resettlement pathways.