Eiffel Programme Scholarships

Eiffel Programme Scholarships

Application Deadline: January 09, 2020

Contact Person: Send an email to candidatures.eiffel@campusfrance.org or call +33 1 40 40 58 58 

Level of Study: Master’s and Ph.D. Degree programs  

Fields of Study: Law, Economics, Business, Sciences (doctorate level, except for engineer studies at master level) and Political Science 

Award Duration:  

Master level (maximum duration): 

  • 24 months for the first Master degree  
  • 12 months for the second Master degree  
  • 36 months for an engineering degree  

Doctorate level (maximum duration): 

  • 10 months  


The Eiffel Scholarship program enables foreign nationals, including refugees registered in France, to receive a scholarship by Campus France to pursue a post-undergraduate education at a higher education institution in France. The scholarship is provided by Campus France, a public institution promoting higher education and managing the reception and international mobility of students, researchers, experts, and guests.  



  • You are a foreign national (cannot have a dual French citizenship) 
  • You are below or at the age of 30 for Master’s degrees (in particular nationals from “emerging economies”) 
  • You are below or at the age of 35 for Doctorate degrees 
  • You are a prospective master student or doctorate candidate going to study in France  
  • You are a student or candidate who does not receive any other types of financial aid or scholarships  
  • You have adequate French language skills and meet the language requirements requested by your particular university 
  • Prospective Master students must never have been a candidate for the Eiffel Program before 
  • Doctorate candidates may have received support or been a candidate for the Eiffel Program at a master’s level before, but not at the doctorate level  


  • Foreign ID (passport) 
  • Transcript from current or previous educational establishment documenting completed or prospective Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree and academic excellence (according to your previous academic institution/system) 
  • If applicable, proof of adequate French level (C1/C2) 
  • If applicable, noteworthy academic work or work related to field of study  
  • Candidate file (« dossier de candidature ») 
  • Other relevant documents (« les pièces jointes ») to be determined in accordance with international department of educational establishment 


Step 1.  

Choose a French institution of higher education (university/college in English, établissement d’enseignement supérieur in French) of your choice and contact their international department/Abroad department online or by phone in order to know their exact application deadline for submitting your scholarship documents to them.  

The institutions preselect the students that they wish to admit to their school in the event they are selected for the scholarship. Applicants will therefore not submit an actual application to be admitted to the school, but relevant documents for the scholarship application such as transcripts and proof of other noteworthy achievements within your field of study. 

It is the university itself that will submit your application to Campus France, but the applicant will have to provide documents and ensure that the application is in complete. 

Step 2.  

Contact the local Campus France and the French Embassy (Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle) in your native country to gain more information and tips on how to proceed and which documents to provide. 

Step 3.  

Collect the required documents in the Document Checklist (except for candidate file and other relevant documents) and send them to the French university of your choice, as explained by the French university when you spoke to them or Campus France and possible contacts at the French embassy that you might have contacted for advice.. 

Step 4.  

Once the university approves you as one of their candidates, they will provide you with their application form for the Programme Eiffel Scholarship. Complete the form in cooperation with the international department of the university. 

Step 5.  

When the application form is completed, the university’s international department will submit your application to Campus France. Do not submit it yourself, as all applications submitted by students will be rejected.  


  • As soon as possible, contact your French university/college of choice, as well as your local Campus France and French Embassy and let them know that you would like to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship. 
  • Submit your documents to the international department office at the university of your choosing. 
  • Their international department will then submit your application by January 9th 2020 both to Campus France by mail, as well as publish a list of their candidates for the scholarship on their websites.  


Campus France  

28 Rue de la Grange aux Belles  

750510 Paris  



  • Campus France will announce the scholarship recipients of the Eiffel Programme here in March 2020, and inform all applicants about the results.  


  • Language requirements and translations must be determined in accordance with the university of your interest. 
  • The studies must generally take place within France’s territorial border for the whole duration of the program.


If you have any questions  contact Campus France awards by email at candidatures.eiffel@campusfrance.org. 

In the event that you are looking for other sources of funding, please consult Campus France’s other scholarships or other scholarships provided by the French government.   


Have you or anyone you know been a recipient of an Eiffel Programme Scholarship? If yes, we would appreciate any feedback to tailor our information regarding this program for future applicants.